Circle B Measurement & Fabrication is a leading supplier of measurement and production equipment with parts and service to support your operation. Our equipment is custom built to your specifications with a commitment to quality that is unsurpassed in our industry and manufactured using only the highest quality products. Circle B offers a wide variety of production and measurement equipment that meets industry standards.  See a representative list of our offerings


Gas Measurement

  • Single and Dual Chamber Orifice Meter Tubes
  • Ultrasonic Meter Tubes
  • Coriolis Meter Skids
  • Turbine Meter Skids

Liquid Measurement

  • Water Transfer Skids
  • Liquid Metering Skids for Pipeline Application
  • Coriolis Meters
  • Rotary Meters
  • Liquid Turbine Meters

Production Equipment – ASME Code

  • Multi-Phase Separators
  • Gas Production Units
  • Slug Catchers
  • Oil and Sand Separators
  • Filter Separators
  • Oil Heater Treaters both vertical and horizontal
  • Glycol Dehydrators
  • Water Knock Outs

Custom Fabricated Equipment

  • Launchers and Receivers
  • Regulator Skids
  • Custom Headers
  • Fuel Gas Skids
  • Launchers & Receivers
  • Meter Houses and Custom Enclosures

Automation and Integration

  • Instrumentation Buildings
  • GC Buildings
  • MCC Buildings
  • Custom Electric Panels
  • Solar Skids
  • Gas Lift Solutions


  • Automation

– Wellpad Automation

– Midstream Automation

– Gas Processing Plant Automation

– Oil Gathering Facilities Automation

– Water Gathering/SWD Facilities Automation

– LACT Unit Install/Startup/Maintenance

– Water Skid Install/Startup/Maintenance

– Industrial Controls Systems

– PLC/HMI Control Panels

– On-site PLC/HMI/EFM Programming

– NGL Skid Install/Commissioning

– SCADA Development and Installation

– Wired/Wireless Communication Installation/Maintenance

– Variable Frequency Drives

– Control Valves

– Tank Level Measurement

– Ultrasonic Meters, Coriolis, EFM

  • Integration

– Gas Chromatographs

– O2 analyzers

– H2S analyzers

– H2O analyzers

– Composite samplers

– Sample conditioning

– GC/Analyzer buildings

  • Field Service Covering WY, CO, UT, NM, ND and MT
    • Orifice Plate inspection and replacement
    • Technical Data retrieval
    • Meter Run inspection, repair, cleaning and scoping
    • Meter Run Recertification to BLM/Industry Standards
    • Orifice Fitting Repair – All major brands
    • Onsite Gas Analytics utilizing portable GC’s
    • Sample Collection for lab analysis

Parts – We provide a wide array of parts that support our product offerings and your gas measurement needs.  These include, but are not limited to:

  • Orifice Fittings and Replacement Parts

– Sure Shot

– Canalta

– Daniel

  • Flow Computers and Accessories


– Emerson

– Thermo Fisher

– Micro Motion

– Oleum Tech

– Fisher

  • Instrumentation Equipment

– Parker

– AS Schneider

– Axis

– Asco

– Tylok

– Ralston

– Phoenix

  • Communications Equipment

– Freewave


– Red Lion

– Sena Wireless

– Signal Fire

– Yagi

  • Solar Equipment


– Interstate

– Morning Star

– Connexa

– Ogre

  • Analytical Equipment

– Welker


– QRae

– Ametek

– Gastec

– Genie

  • Universal and paddle orifice plates

– Kelly

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Will Rotert
Vice-President, Operations and Sales
office:  918-445-4488
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Eric Dinkel
Regional Sales Director, Midcon Division
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Regional Sales Director, Southwest Division
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Circle B Measurement & Fabrication in Casper OK

Tony Chaput
Vice-President, Western Division Casper, WY
office:  307-233-4460
cell:  307-277-2844
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Brad Wagner
Regional Sales Director, Rocky Mountain Division
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Sales Manager, Denver
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Circle B Measurement & Fabrication in Kingfisher OK

Barry Geheb
Operations Manager, Kingfisher
office:  580-625-2774
cell:  580-583-0107
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Colby Miller
Regional Sales Director, Southwest Division
office:  918-445-4488
cell:  405-204-0267
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Eric Dinkel
Regional Sales Director, Midcon Division
cell:  918-978-6030
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Jeremy Johnson
Manager, Integration and Analytics
office:  918-445-4488
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Raven Hamill
Sales Manager, Southeast Division
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Darren Deville
Operations Manager, Bossier City
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Eric Dinkel
Regional Sales Director, Midcon Division
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Bric Baccus
Automation Manager
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Midland Location

John Garvin
Operations Manager, Midland
office:  432-695-6676
cell:  432-695-6676
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